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MG TC Special

MG TC Special

Year - 1949

Colour - Green

Interior - Cream Leather


This lovely TC was part of a British car collection owned by the late Robert (Bob) Koons in the US. Following his untimely death in 2018 the collection was initially sold at auction in the US and two cars later came to the UK.


The TC was bought by its current owner in 2019 and following an inspection by the DVLA for UK road use the car was registered and the 6151 MG plate was transferred to it.


Built for occasional use at vintage events in the US, the car is beautifully engineered with high quality components including a tuned 1500 EXPEG engine and TD rack and pinion steering (a 1950s US innovation). Following purchase the engine was fully stripped and rebuilt with a milder cam and 5 speed gearbox were fitted, also the Magneto ignition system was replaced by a more conventional electronic distributor.


Note that the car comes with a US style rollbar as seen in photos, which does attract much interest at events and is easily fitted/removed depending which appearance is preferred.


The current owner, a lifelong MG enthusiast, states that the car's performance is very compatible with today's traffic and reliable too. It is only for sale due to the purchase of a pre-war MG.



XPEG 1500 engine block

Lucas Laystall alloy head Roller rockers

Steel crank Carrillo rods

Forged pistons

Tubular manifold + s/s exhaust system Twin SU carburettors +twin fuel pumps

Electronic ignition

5 speed gearbox

Twin circuit brake system with Alfin style drums Stiffened chassis with rack & pinion steering

72 spoke Dayton 16"wheels with nearly new Blockley tyres (Spare is MWS 60 spoke) Woodland Green paintwork

Cream leather trimmed interior with custom made bucket seats

Fully instrumented engine turned alloy dashboard

Custom made full tonneau

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